Forensic computer investigations in Ontario can retrieve your vital information – learn more about the expert services available to you today

Forensic Computer Investigations in Ontario


When investigating a possible compromise of electronic data, what are the options available to a client when hiring a private investigation firm?  Are there any specific services the client should seek out?  There are many investigative options available to the public when attempting to select an appropriate and qualified investigative firm.   MKD, with its law enforcement history and its alliance with qualified forensic computer experts, can provide the necessary services to ensure a thorough investigation.



What is a Forensic Analyst?


A qualified and experienced forensic computer investigator, or forensic analyst, is someone who is trained, certified, and has been deemed to have the professional capability to forensically examine electronic data on devices such as hard-drives, cell-phones, tablets, etc. This process can often deal with data that is damaged due to external issues or internal software issues due to virus’ and malware.   A computer forensic analysis can also be utilized to test for system vulnerabilities as an aid to protect sensitive data.  MKD and its computer expert associates have extensive knowledge of hardware, software, networking and encryption techniques.



Which types of tools are available to a forensic computer analyst?


Due to the evolution of intended data compromise and theft, it is imperative that computer forensic analysts remain current in their field of investigation. Some of the tools that MKD and its associates utilize include; storage device and data capture, file viewers, file, email, mobile device and internet analysis, network and database forensics. 



Which investigations benefit from computer forensics?

Professional computer forensic investigations (CFI) have become an integral part of various types of investigations. CFI can be beneficial when dealing with matters that involve Intellectual Property theft, Industrial espionage, Employment disputes, Fraud investigations, Forgeries, Bankruptcy investigations, Inappropriate email and internet use in the work place, Regulatory compliance, etc.